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United Sound is an organization whose mission is to provide musical performance experiences for students with special needs through peer mentorship.

What do people say?


“The experience of Jacob being part of such a great group at school is so valuable to us. It is very difficult to describe in words. Watching Jacob’s two helpers “adapt” the violin to allow him to participate in such beautiful music brought tears to my eyes.  I think a picture of Jacob playing his violin is a perfect definition of “adaptation.”  You have done it and done it well.” -Mike Grindstaff

"My daughters are learning to teach! They are learning about life, compassion, and how to be a neighbor and friend. I am grateful for the involvement that my girls have had. It has made a huge impact!" -Carl Bloomfield

"I have loved to see the relationship between my son and his three mentors blossom." -Becky Anderson

"United Sound has provided a new and powerful way for our daughter to communicate and given her more confidence when she does." -Bill and Sam Love

“I am sooooo grateful and hope this program can carry everywhere for our “special kids” that would never be able to have this experience. My daughter was able to learn the cello and said, "I get to play without people laughing at me." This is an experience that can't be matched!" -Ilene Whipple


"The campus-wide benefits we have received from this program are immeasurable. It's a win, win, win for everyone involved!" Ian Moses, Assistant Principal, Tempe High School

"Your program and these students have enriched our lives so much, and I think we've enriched theirs too. What an incredible thing this is!" -Soo Han, Orchestra Director, Carmel High School

"It's been quite the eye opening experience for us. We're utilizing skills and modifications in the daily classroom that the kids are learning from their music... Socially, United Sound has given our special needs students a place, a niche, in high school. That's a big thing for any kid." -Chrystal Keller, Special Education, Highland High School

“United Sound is the opportunity for these kids to be high school students. It’s the opportunity for them to belong and really reach a potential that no one even thought of as an option before.” -Mike Hall, Band Director, Tempe High School

"This experience has reinforced to me the amazing power of music to reach a child in ways that classroom learning cannot. Our New Musicians and Peer Mentors have all grown as musicians, but more importantly, they have grown as humans, forging a common bond through the creation of art and beauty." -Bill Bitter, Orchestra Director, Highland High School


"I have learned that we are all just people wanting to belong and be appreciated." -Maddie C.

"My favorite moments were just seeing the satisfaction on Nicole's face...Joining this club was the best decision I have ever made." -Natalie B.

"It made me realize just how similar we all are." -Siarra R.

"This experience has been so good for me...I'm considering this as a career path!" -Cassandra M.

"We are making beautiful music and beautiful relationships together." Mikenna D.

"United Sound's real purpose is to create lasting friendships." -Tori B.

"Coming to United Sound could completely change the direction of a bad day for me. I think that is powerful." -Abby W.

"United Sound is about friends helping friends." -Juliana