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United Sound is an organization whose mission is to provide musical performance experiences for students with special needs through peer mentorship.


Can any school participate?

    We will support as many interested teachers/groups as possible. As with all non-profit organizations, our resources are dependent upon the donor support we receive. 

Can any student participate?

    United Sound ensembles are performing groups and all New Musicians must meet minimum guidelines. These requirements are individualized and determined between the sponsoring music educator and special education teacher. The size of the sponsoring music program and Peer Mentor population may also affect the number of New Musicians who can participate. United Sound, Inc. has no influence upon which students are selected to participate. 

How can my school become a United Sound school?

    Step one: show your band or orchestra teacher this website! Then they can contact us to find out the next steps. If you are a music teacher, please complete the Teacher Registration online form.

I’m a band or orchestra student, how do I get a position as a Peer Mentor in the United Sound ensemble at my school?  

    Applications are distributed by the facilitating teacher and selections are made at the site/school level. United Sound, Inc. has no influence upon which students are selected to participate.

How many performances does a United Sound group give?

    At least one performance per semester.

Are performances open to the public?

    Typically, yes. Check our Join Us! page for more information.

Does a New Musician need to be able to play an instrument or read music?

    No, not at all! The Peer Mentors and the school music teacher will work with every New Musician to meet them at a personally modified performance level.

Is transportation provided to or from club meetings?

    Rehearsal schedules and transportation options vary by school and school district. Check with your music or special education teacher to find out your rehearsal schedule and transportation availability.

What instruments are available?  Do the students get a choice? 

    All of the ensemble appropriate instruments are available. (Wind and percussion instruments for band programs, string instruments for orchestra programs.) New musicians will have an opportunity to see, feel, hear, and try out all of the instruments at the Instrument Selection Event at the beginning of the school year. Following that event, parents/guardians will have the opportunity to rent or otherwise provide the chosen instrument for the student- just like all the rest of the music kids!

What if a student cannot afford to rent or purchase an instrument?   

    Generous sponsors and corporate partnerships enable United Sound to assist with instrument procurement for a small number of students who would not otherwise be able to participate in the program. If you need our assistance in this way, please contact the music teacher in charge of your United Sound program. We will work to meet everyone's needs, but only through the sponsoring teacher. Requests made directly to United Sound for assistance can not be honored.