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United Sound is an organization whose mission is to provide musical performance experiences for students with special needs through peer mentorship.

Copy of Teacher Registration

After registration, your next step will be to find your partner teacher. He/she will be a huge component of the program, and will attend every club meeting. The better your partner teacher, the better your United Sound experience will be.

To do that, take the overview (below) and a laptop down to the special education department and share a video or two from the WATCH page of the website. There really aren’t words that will ever capture the moment like seeing the children does.

Your elevator pitch is: I want to start a peer mentoring club called United Sound where my students will teach band instruments to your students and then we’ll all perform together.

Considering a United Sound chapter at your school? Take a few moments to watch this video about First Experiences from the teacher's perspective. With Mr. Josh Thye.

If you’re having trouble with your special education department, please let us know. We’ve found that they either leap or push back hard. The push back has nothing to do with you or them, really. They’ve endured a career full of “good ideas” that disappear after only a couple of weeks and that is heartbreaking for their students. Some teachers are very hesitant and protective for that reason.