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United Sound is an organization whose mission is to provide musical performance experiences for students with special needs through peer mentorship.

Roger Eaton

Roger Eaton is a music industry veteran and currently the Chief Marketing Director for Yamaha Corporation of America. He joined Yamaha in 1997 and has held various positions within Yamaha including Director of Marketing for the Band & Orchestral Division.
In the chief marketing role, Mr. Eaton is responsible for overall Yamaha brand promotion in the United States, spanning all products and services. Responsibilities include interfacing between all Yamaha departments and divisions to drive increased positive brand presence and awareness, and working with key alliance partners to increase the reach of the brand. This position plays the pivotal role in growing business for all Yamaha branded products.

For the past decade Mr. Eaton has been president of his homeowners association and a member of the Music Distributor Association board of directors, plus other industry and community organizations.

Mr. Eaton holds a Bachelor of Music with a concentration in music business from Appalachian State University and resides in Orange County, California. Mr. Eaton is married to Donna Eaton who is currently a 7th grade special education teacher in Mission Viejo, California. They have 2 grown children with active careers in supply chain management and telecommunications.