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United Sound is an organization whose mission is to provide musical performance experiences for students with special needs.

We're Hiring!

United Sound is currently seeking applications for a National Program Director. Click to learn more!

United Sound is currently seeking a National Program Director

Resumes will be accepted through March 31, 2017

Both full and part time applicants will be considered. Must live in Arizona or be willing to relocate.

Please direct questions to


Ready to apply?

Assume you are writing to an administrator at a mid-size public high school (2000 students) that has never heard of United Sound. We have a healthy band program of 120-140 students. Our school has competitive marching band, winterguard, and indoor drumline programs. We also have strong concert and jazz ensembles that participate at state level festivals each year. Using what you can read on the United Sound website or personally know about the program, introduce United Sound and explain why it will be beneficial to our band and school community.

Send resume and (fewer than) 500 word introduction "to administrator" to


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