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United Sound is an organization whose mission is to provide musical performance experiences for students with special needs through peer mentorship.

HS and Jr. High Presidents

club president roles and responsibilities

Have questions? Send an email to Tiffany at

1. Check with your teacher to make sure your names are highlighted in the Drive

2. Sign up to receive messages:

3. Check your email regularly

4. Meet weekly, in addition to your chapter meeting, with your co-president to create lesson plans (Use our Plans for the first three weeks, then as a guide for creating your own.)

5. Meet online with all of the other presidents around the country monthly. FIRST Sunday of each month. There will be 2 sessions - those in Hawaii, and the Pacific and Mountain time zones will attend at 8 pm Pacific time, those in the Central and Eastern time zones will attend at 8 pm Eastern time. (Attendance at the meeting is really critical because this is how we get new information out and gives the presidents a chance to hear what other programs around the country are doing.). The online meeting link will be sent to club presidents a few days prior to the meeting.  Meetings will be recorded and will be available to view about 1 week after the meeting for those that aren’t able to attend. Both presidents should attend the meeting. Attendance will be taken, please let us know if there is an unavoidable conflict.

Following the meeting, communicate the information to your club and teachers.



6. Complete Rehearsal Feedback Form MONTHLY

7. Complete Performance Assessment after each performance

Presidents’ meeting videos

Missed a meeting? (Or maybe your chapter signed up after the beginning of the year?) Presidents are required to participate in ALL Presidents’ Meetings, but if you have to miss one, you can catch up here! Don’t worry, the part you are required to watch is only 15 minutes!


MEETING #1 | October 7, 2018

MEETING #3 | December 2, 2018

MEETING #5 | March 3, 2019


Handout from Meeting #1

MEETING #2 | November 4, 2018

MEETING #4 | February 10, 2019

MEETING #6 | April 7, 2019


Handout from Meeting #2

Handout from Meeting #4

Handout from Meeting #5

United Sound February Handou.jpg
Pres Handout 03319.jpg

Handout from Meeting #6