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United Sound is an organization whose mission is to provide musical performance experiences for students with special needs through peer mentorship.

NEC Training

Hey guys! The following are the three training videos we show to all the mentors before their United Sound clubs begin. They have a decidedly high school feel to them (you are one of the FIRST universities!) so please bear with that. I believe that there is value for you to see the training materials, but I'd also like to use your critical minds to help us improve and enhance.

As you watch, I'd like to ask you to think critically about what you're seeing. Fill in the reflection box for each video. What spoke to you? What seemed unclear? Was something redundant or under-explained? What do you think will really help a teenager with no teaching experience to be successful as a Peer Mentor? You are uniquely placed to think about it from the teacher's perspective and the student's. I'd like to know both positive and negative. One sentence or ten, it's up to you.

Thank you!

Parents of New Musicians are adept at sharing what their children may not be able to verbalize. The work you are about to do it important and life-changing.

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Last thing. You don't have to watch the Teacher and Parent Videos. But we love them, and because many of you are on the teacher path, I thought you might want to see it too :)