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United Sound is an organization whose mission is to provide musical performance experiences for students with special needs through peer mentorship.

Blue Devils 2019


Best. Summer. Ever.


2019 marked a very special and spectacular summer for United Sound. Our students had opportunities to play and perform with world class drum corps, the Blue Devils and Carolina Crown, attend Music for All’s Summer Symposium, and participate in the Drum Corps International INpact Band at DCI Finals!


2019 DCI World Champions, the Blue Devils invited our musicians to perform with them in exhibition in California and Tennessee! The performances were a blast and we found these young people to be so kind and generous with their time. Students performed John Meehan's original piece, "Unfiltered" to raving crowds who demanded high fives from our musicians as though THEY were the stars of the show!

Imagine yourself, walking through the corps entrance tunnel and emerging to see a crowd like THIS.

Performing with the Blue Devils was truly the experience of a lifetime.

But in our hearts, the hugs and high fives hold a very special place, too!

United Sound featured in BD360!

*Strategic Partners make dreams like this and many others come true for hundreds of young people each year. Check out all of United Sound’s partnerships here.